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Density of FRP sheet

Fiber Reinforced Plastic (frp full name) should be very familiar to those engaged in the field of carriages and motor home industry. At present, most of the domestic motor homes enterprises mainly use FRP for roofs, body coverings, and even including trunk floors of RV cars. Of course, some companies use aluminum panels. This article will be based on the current market frp application, making the following instructions for the products of fiberglass reinforced panels.

Compared to the aluminum plate, what are the frp advantages and disadvantages?

The biggest disadvantages of using aluminum material for the body of RV car include three aspects. The body weight of sheet is heavy, the aluminum plate is easily deformed when subjected to external force, and its maintenance is poor.

Compared to the plastic sheets, what are the frp advantages and disadvantages?

Fiberglass sheet is also a kind of substitute product of plastic sheet. Due to many advantages of plastic panels, they also have a wide range of application. For example, they are resistant to chemical attack, easy to process and their manufacture cost is relatively low. But when it comes to bathroom paneling, we  always choose FRP wall panels but not PVC wall panels. It’s because that most plastics have poor heat resistance, high thermal expansion rate, poor dimensional stability, easy to deform and aging. It’s easy to fire while using plastic panels, they are not good fire resistant paneling.

From the frp company point of view, the uses of grp have the following advantages:

1. Easy and convenient FRP sheet manufacturing process. You can customize the FRP panels colors, and there is no need to do additional frp paint, which can reduce the FRP process.

2. There is a gel coat layer in the surface of the frp flat sheet, which make the fiberglass sheeting have good weatherability. The paintable wall panels with the material of aluminum has the risk of dropping non slip floor paint.

3. We can make the decrease of motor home body weight come true on account of the uses of fiberglass. ( The density of aluminum is about 2.7g/cm³, while the density of frp sheet is about 1.6 g/cm³.)

4. In the aspect of the thermal insulation property of car body, frp board has a good performance since the heat conductivity coefficient of frp material is low.

5. The maintenance of fiberglass reinforced panels is more convenient. Even though the FRP paneling of motor home is damaged, it’s easy to repair.

6. Fiberglass reinforced plastic panels are corrosion resistant, while it’s easy for pitting or corrosion to use metal plate.

7. The width of FRP sheets we produce can be up to 3 meters. Therefore, it can meet the design requirements of a variety of compartments.

FRP sheets

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FRP panels
FRP panels

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