FRP Used For Radomes

Advantages of using FRP as raw material of radome

We think that people who enter this page won’t be strange to fiberglass radome. It is an antenna housing which uses fiberglass reinforced plastic. FRP manufacturers always produce them by various FRP molding process. The main mission of fiberglass radome is to protect the antenna components under harsh conditions or inclement weather conditions. We start our business in 1991, and are an experienced radome manufacturer in China .

According to different structural shapes, we always divide radomes into diverse types. A platy radome, a spherical radome, a tower radome, a columnar radome (omnidirectional radome), a pile radome and a beautification radome and so on. What’s more,  the design idea of a beautification radome is from imitating the shape of animals, plants or buildings cover.

 Performance comparison table of various radome

Material NameDensity(g/cm³)Flexural Strength(MPa)Flexural Modulus
Tangent loss
LCP1.38-1.40 / /1.38-1.40 /
epoxy resin1.30973.83.00.020
phenolic resin1.30923.53.20.020
unsaturated polyester resins1.29853.23.00.018
vinyl resin1.30903.52.90.018

Why Using FRP For Antenna Radome

According to different requirements, the shapes of antenna radome are diverse. However, as the radome cover, it doesn’t work if the signal doesn’t go out. Therefore, electrical performance is also pretty important. The following is a list of the electrical performance parameters of radome material.

As we can see from the above table, there are many radome material properties. Different material have different physical properties. We should take many factors into consideration when choosing the radome material. Not only electromagnetic wave permeability and permittivity, but also usage environment, bearing capacity of radome and control of cost. The latter four have the most stable performance for bearing capacity. The price of epoxy resin and vinyl resin is twice the unsaturated polyester resins, but not double on the physical performance. It is more complicated in the operation while using phenolic resin as material, and will increase labor costs. And it is also slightly weaker than the other three in terms of permittivity. Therefore, currently on the market, more than 85% of antenna radomes use unsaturated polyester resin as matrix.

antenna radome

Besides the above advantages, fiberglass radome that use unsaturated polyester resin as matrix have the following advantages:

  • Good anti-aging ability. Conventional plastic radome life is only 3-5 years . Fiberglass radome that use unsaturated polyester resin as matrix life can reach to 10-15 years(It’s conservative estimation).
  • Anti-UV. Most of the radome antenna are exposed in the sun. Plastic materials are prone to cracking, chalking, embrittlement and so on in the sunlight. Fiberglass radome itself has UV resistance.

  • Anti-corrosion. Especially in the sea, the amount of salt in the air is very high. In this case, ordinary material will soon be eroded, but fiberglass reinforced plastic will completely not be affected. FRP material can work normally in an acidic or alkaline environment.

antenna radome

Our Radomes

Many FRP manufacturers in China are well accomplished in the supply of fiberglass radome, especially Dongguan MIYABI-FRP Limited. We have successfully reduced the dielectric constant of the antenna radome of unsaturated polyester resin material to 2.6*106HZ in September 2012. It has a tremendous impact on the evolution of the antenna industry and on the radome design. In October 2017, we factory also planned to develop a higher tech radome cover. We have completed the first batch of engineering samples and will carry out the performance test in the near future. We plan to launch the market by the end of 2017.

Our fiberglass radome is very mature in terms of technology, supporting facilities and raw material supply. The strength, penetration rate, dielectric constant and other physical properties can meet the requirements of general antenna. Dongguan MIYABI-FRP Limited is your best choice for many radome manufacturers.

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