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Do You Have An FRP Work We Can Help With?


Products: MRI equipment
Customer: Toshiba
Cooperation time: Since 2012

MRI is an imaging technique that uses the signals generated by the resonance of the nucleus in the magnetic field to reconstruct the image. FRP BOBBIN using the method of filament winding has not only high strength, but also good permeability. It is consistent with the nuclear magnetic resonance conduction principle.

The basic principle of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is to place the human body in a special magnetic field to release absorbed energy. The energy released is collected by an external receptor and processed with a electronic computer to obtain an image. This operation does not require injection of contrast agent, has no ionizing radiation, and it’s certainly safe.

From the initial review before production of fiberglass, drafting GRP molding drawings, FRP molding, sample glass fiber production process review, and finally to the quality assurance. Whether technical or voucher, we provide many FRP solutions one by one for customers in many aspects.

filament winding

Here’s a detailed explanation of the problems we provide FRP solutions for our customers.

1. FRP molding

Difficulty: Requirement of the end face accuracy is very high.
From the dual bell mouth FRP design, we extend the FRP mold release problem and take it into consideration. After repeated review of technical staff and repeatedly confirmed with client, the FRP mold design is divided into two types of mobile end and fixed end.

2. High strength

The requirement is controlling the proportion from 68% to 73%.
When the nuclear magnetic resonance apparatus is in operation, problems such as cracking may occur. Because it’s under the circumstance of that the parts therein can not support the corresponding high strength. This will seriously affect the patient’s test results or personal safety.
In order to meet the requirements of high strength, we take control of the raw materials of choice. Investigate different types of glass reinforced plastic properties; consider the fiber glass production of FRP structural shapes, and control the proportion of the number of fiber. We strictly weighed each FRP material, and made records of the amount of use each time before and after to confirm the average proportion of the product. Finally choosing the high strength fiberglass as raw material.

3. High flatness. Requiring that the inner wall is smooth

Difficulty: There is a difference between active end and moving end of the terminal, and it’s prone to shift (missing yarn) problem.
It requires to achieve the uniformity of thickness, and complete impregnation of the resin fibers (to avoid cracking problems). We have reviewed the control of the number of toroidal and cross-wound layers in the aspect of FRP process. What’s more, we need to more precisely control the number of windings per layer and meet the thickness requirement of special location. Therefore, We have done a lot of management and control, such as the use of different fixtures and auxiliary digital devices, and special marking on the carriage rail.

4. “0” impurities

Key point: Don’t contain magnetic metals and organic matter.
Nuclear magnetic resonance equipment will never allow parts to contain magnetic metal and organic matter. Otherwise, it will affect the measurement results.

filament winding

Before the storage of raw material, you must confirm the quality. Do not allow foreign matter to mix with FRP material. Before fiber glass production, besides the 5S management of the workshop, we also strictly require the use of clean measuring tools. And we require to change disposable gloves every time, do the mold cleaning and maintenance work. In the glass fiber production process, if you find any foreign body, we will promptly singled out. In addition, the FRP GRP composite products are completed, we use the PET film winding for the final protection. The next day, we will repeatedly inspect the surface condition of the product and the inner wall to confirm the quality.

Until now, we have produced nearly 1000 units of MRI equipment. Their quality are stable, and get the customer’s high praise.

filament winding
Mr Ozawa, who has 16 years experience in FRP industry, is now in charge of medical FRP equipment. As he said:
“How to achieve zero impurity? You need to do constantly experiment and monitor, strictly control the FRP material and the whole glass fiber production process.”

Antenna Radomes For ANDREW

Product: Fiberglass radome
Customer: Andrew (In the United States and China)
Cooperation time: Since 2011

What is fiberglass used for? Venues, base stations, FRP vessel. Fiberglass radome is suitable for using in a variety of complex environments. There are many advantages of FRP. For example, its service life is generally 30 years, installing FRP is easy, FRP cost is low, no maintenance need. It can be used to protect the electrical antenna to make the most of it.

The 16th Asian Games in 2010 was held in Guangzhou, Guangdong, China’s “Beautiful Flower City”. The Guangzhou Asian Games City Gymnasium includes gymnastics hall, billiards hall, squash court and Guangzhou Asian Games Historical Museum. It is the largest venue for the Guangzhou Asian Games in 2010 and one of the key venues for the competition. MIYABI, as one of the top radome manufacturers in China, has the honor to become the only partner of large antenna radome for Asian Games venues. And the antenna was supplied by ANDREW.

antenna radome

Our FRP Solutions for ANDREW:

1, Deformation and electromagnetic wave permeability

The requirement of the largest fiberglass pipe sizes is 1800mm of length, 1800mm of width and 2.0mm of FRP thickness. This is a large-span fiberglass radome with a FRP thickness of only 2.0mm. MIYABI technical team conducted many discussions, carried out various surveys on FRP material, and conducted several internal research and development tests and verification. In the end, we provided our customers with complete FRP solutions to achieve the customer’s required transmission loss of 2.0. At the same time, we also deploy different types of reinforcement materials to choose one and have solved the deformation and FRP GRP composite products collapse problems.

2, FRP thickness, and fiberglass strength calculation

The required thickness of the entire antenna radome must be at 2.0mm. We develop professional FRP work instructions, on-site technical staff track and guide the FRP work in the entire FRP process. At the same time, we use the thickness gauge imported from Japan to check the FRP thickness to ensure that we meet the customer’s requirements. As for the fiberglass yield strength and FRP tensile strength, the MIYABI factory conducts strength failure tests on each batch of products to verify and choose high strength fiberglass.

3, The problem of hole, the gap between cover and floor in FRP installation

In addition to rigorous control during the operation of each FRP process details, MIYABI’s technical staff also designed and developed a professional rule to punch and check the hole. This provide FRP solutions for the problem of large gap leakage customers worried, and there is no complaints so far.

antenna radome

In this cooperation, we’re not only in full cooperate with the customer’s urgent delivery, and the production of fiberglass products have a good launch performance. The customers are very satisfied with our radome services and our composite radome. Since the Asian Games, they have also got fiberglass for sale, exported a large number of our AFC radomes to the Australian region, and the radomes can be used at sea to resist 12 typhoons.

antenna radome
Mr Yamamoto, a Japanese who has over 20 years experience in FRP industry, is now in charge of fiberglass radome. As he said:
“It’s a key for us to choose different GRP material according to the microwave transmittance and  permittivity.”

Radomes For Top 3 Antenna Suppliers In Japan

Case list: FRP winding pipe (fiberglass radome)
Fiberglass pipe specifications: φ50mm-φ680mm
FRP composites: Omnidirectional antenna radome
Customer: Japan’s top three antenna manufacturers
Cooperation time: Since 2006

Omnidirectional antenna, that is, in the horizontal direction showed 360° uniform radiation, we usually refer it to as non-directional. In the vertical direction, it appears as a beam of a certain width. In general, the smaller the lobe width, the greater the gain. Omnidirectional antennas for communications is generally used in suburban area system station type, it covers a large area.

From radome antenna design, the initial prenatal review, making drawings of FRP molding, production of metal molds, sample FRP manufacturing process review, and finally to the quality assurance. Whether technical or voucher, as a professional radome manufacturer, we provide good radome services and solve many difficult problems one by one for customers in many aspects.


Our FRP Solutions For Clients

1. GRP molding

Difficulties of fiber glass production: high-precision requirements of fiberglass pipe sizes. The diameter tolerance of FRP GRP composite products should be ±0.1mm.
As we all know, the traditional winding FRP pipe mold must have stripping slope. Customer require the tolerance of FRP GRP composite products to be ± 0.1mm, which is equivalent that we simply can not reserve stripping slope for the FRP molding. For the 6-meter long FRP mold, how to release mold without the draft? After repeated trial tests, MIYABI FRP technical team finally solved the problem.

2. High strength fiberglass: Controlling the proportion from 68% to 73%

We use AFC radomes outdoors in generally. As Japan is an island nation, outdoor products necessarily require special requirements for strength. At present, our FRP products are resistant to 12 typhoons, can withstand high and low temperature from -45℃ to 120℃, and its service life is 30 years.
Through the together study and careful scrutiny of technical staff and customers, if the FRP fiberglass content in the control between 68% -73%, in theory, we can meet the requirements of fiberglass yield strength and FRP tensile strength. The failure of the first trial proved that the glass fiber content is not enough. After a series of technical department adjustment, we finally solved the problem of strength.


3. “0” impurities: Don’t contain magnetic metals and organic matter.

Predator antenna must not allow AFC radomes to contain magnetic metals and organic matter, otherwise it will affect the intensity of the transmitted signal.
Before the storage of raw FRP materials, we must confirm the quality, do not allow foreign matter mixed. Before production of fiberglass, except for the 5S management of the workshop, we strictly require the use of clean measuring tools, disposable gloves every time. And doing a good job of FRP molding cleaning and maintenance is also very important. If there are foreign bodies in glass fiber production process, we need to pick out in time. In addition, we use the PET film to wind for final protection after the product is completed. The next day, we repeatedly check the surface condition of the FRP products and the inner wall to confirm the quality.

4. Tolerance

Achieving uniform FRP thickness of 2 mm, controlling the tolerance within ±0.3mm. This breaks through the grp pipe thickness that FRP industry can not achieve with this filament winding process. As composite radome uses of fibre glass, we control the FRP thickness uniformly, which makes the whole predator antenna better penetration.

Auto Parts For HINO

Product: Fiberglass fairing of heavy truck car, FRP car roof
Customer: Hino
Cooperation time: Since 2006
Demand quantity: 4000 sets / year
Fiberglass supplies: Fiberglass fairing on the roof of cars, fiberglass bumpers

Fiberglass fairing

Our FRP Solutions For HINO:

1, Low FRP cost

During the pre-development period of the new car model, we mainly assist the customers to jointly develop and the FRP cost is low. In the early stages of development, it involved FRP installation and adaptation of many metal plates and fiberglass car parts to model a fiberglass body. We are in fully cooperate with customers to improve drawings. In the early days, when the new development fiberglass car model was not finalized, our technical team improved many issues from the customer’s point of view. Technical team used simple FRP molding with low FRP material cost and high precision, reducing the FRP cost by 50% than that of the mass production of fiberglass mold. At the same time, we help customers to achieve to modify structural shape, in the early stages of research and development.

Fiberglass fairing

2, There is “0” complaint, “0” compensation so far

We see the quality as important as our lives. In order to provide our customers with satisfactory quality, we strictly control each operation, train the operators to do FRP work and FRP installation according to the FRP installation instructions. At the same time we have produced a professional assembly and inspection of the fixture to confirm the quality. For that kind of FRP products which fiberglass design is complicated and the requirement for precision is higher, we use the three-dimensional point check. It may convince the customers that our FRP grp composite products and MIYABI, as a FRP products manufacturer, are reliable.

We have been doing fiberglass supplies to the automotive industry for 11 years. We are one of the top fiberglass suppliers in China mainland, and have never received any complaints or compensation from our clients. Our customers have a very high opinion of us. Besides We also have the motivation and confidence to continue our steady development on the high-quality composite GRP. Uses of grp include FRP grating, FRP cooling tower, FRP ladder, FRP manhole cover, FRP handrail, FRP pole, etc.

Fiberglass fairing

At the Hino’s Annual Supplier Conference, we won the Excellent Supplier Partnership Award. Below is a photo of Hino’s Executive Vice-President and our MIYABI’s General Manager Miss Tao taken together.

Fiberglass fairing

Motor Home for Client in Japan

Product: NV200 motor home
Customers: From Japan
Cooperation time: Since 2015

motor home


Modified Cars, which export to Japan from China, must meet some of the basic principles to obtain a license. One of the pretty important conditions is the size and weight of the vehicle.

Our FRP Solutions for Client

1, Develop a number of programs to assess and choose the best program. In order to meet the customer’s weight requirements, MIYABI design team formed a project management team. They discussed the fiberglass design of FRP structure and plan of fiber glass production several times.

In addition, we conducted extensive surveys to calculate the fibreglass material properties, FRP material specification, FRP material density and FRP weight of different types of FRP material. At the same time we also take into account the adherence between the materials, calculate the theoretical FRP weight, choose the best program for production of fiberglass.

2, At the site of glass fiber production process, we strictly control the FRP weight of the amount of raw materials. Workers must weigh the FRP material strictly, record clearly, and then come into use to ensure the weight of the FRP grp composite products.

motor home

Final result:

Achieving the customer’s high requirement of high quality . At the same time, the weight has decreased by 10% than the requirements, the customer is very satisfied!

motor home
Miss Yan, who has 16 years experience in FRP industry, is now in charge of fiberglass car bodies.  As she said:
“Uses of fibre glass contribute to the development of new energy vehicles. How to guarantee the strength of FRP components while reducing the weight of car body parts? How to ensure the precision while keeping the fiberglass car beautiful? We have always been trying to provide the best FRP solution for our customers.”


Panasonic Corporation
Kanto Industrial Co., Ltd
JC Corporation
Toprec Corporation
Cooperation time: since 1991
Applications: Refrigerated cars, motor homes, fresh logistics transport compartment, portable dwellings etc.

FRP panels

FRP Solutions For Clients

A. Problem: There is a FRP panel, which length is 10m, width is 2.8m. How to ensure the diagonal precision cutting accuracy and it’s a smooth FRP?

Difficulty: If the FRP board has a non skid surface, diagonal cutting is not accurate, then it’s very prone to problems. For example, it is difficult to assemble, there is a large gap, and it may need more repair work.
Solution: We have specifically customized large cutting machine and large grinding machine, which are professionally designed by the Japanese design team. The width of the fiberglass panels can reach about 3 meters, and we can realize uniform FRP thickness. This can control the surface flatness of the FRP sheets to 0.3 mm and the diagonal cutting tolerance to 3 mm. Therefore, this can produce many different FRP sheet specifications to meet the fiberglass design requirements of various specifications of the refrigerated cars and motor homes.

B. Problem: How to control the surface of the FRP flat sheet of no bubble and no pinhole?

Difficulty: There are bubbles and pinholes on the surface of fiberglass panel. After a long time, it will lead to the cracking of the gel plate surface and fast aging.
Solution: Strict control of each glass fiber production process. Strengthen the quality inspection of fiber glass production lines, realize “0” bubble, “0” pinhole of reinforced plastic sheeting.

C. Problem: There is a color difference of fiberglass reinforced plastic panels on the refrigerated cars and motor homes, which are purchased in different batches. When using the inventory of FRP paneling, and tearing fiberglass reinforced plastic panels surface protection film, there will be no residual flat glass plastic.

Solution: Purchase raw materials from the world’s top 500 enterprises. Strictly control each batch of FRP materials into the factory inspection. Ensure that each batch of FRP grp composite products can be traced back to the entry date of raw materials. Customize professionally the protective film which breadth is larger than the FRP sheet. Before shipment of each batch, do outdoor high and low temperature experiments to ensure that FRP products are not affected by the temperature difference in the sea transport.

FRP panels

Mr Zhou, who has 15 years experience in FRP industry, now is in charge of FRP panels. As he said:
“Molds of FRP panels are pretty important. A good FRP molding is half the battle. The larger the area of the FRP panel is, the more stringent the requirements of the molded fiberglass will be.”

Monthly Production Capacity

Composite layup process: 20000 square meters. MIYABI, as one of the most professional FRP manufacturers in China, was established in 1991. We started with production of fiberglass panel, and so far has 26 years of fiber glass production experience.

FRP panels

Advantages of Dongguan MIYABI-FRP Limited

Tolerance advantages:
1, Thickness: Other companies in FRP industry can produce custom fiberglass panels with the thickness tolerance of ±0.5. However, MIYABI, one of the most experienced FRP panels suppliers, can reduce it to ±0.2.
2, Length and width: Other companies in FRP industry can supply fiberglass board sheets with composite layup process. The size of their fiber reinforced panels can be 6m long and 2.6m wide. MIYABI can be the FRP sheet supplier who can produce fiber reinforced plastic panels of 10m long and 2.8m wide.

Equipment advantages:
1, MIYABI has a large greenhouse. We always use it in wet weather to ensure fiberglass paneling quality, while ensuring the delivery.
2, We invested a lot of funds to purchase a complete set of environmental protection equipment at the beginning of the factory. Under the circumstance that the environmental protection policy in China has been more and more strict, many factories have ceased production or even closed down. However, we can still do production of fiberglass as usual.

Building materials for Clients in China

Custom anti-corrosion FRP tile in the electrolytic copper plant
(High temperature resistant and flame retardant FRP ceiling tiles)
Clients: Huanan Building Materials Co., Ltd (HBM), large steel mills, smelting plants, fertilizer plants, etc.
Production time: since 1991

FRP ceiling tiles

1.Corrosion protection

FRP is the key to solve the problem of corrosion of industrial building envelope. What does FRP stand for? It’s fiberglass reinforced plastic. FRP definition is that it’s a composite material made of a polymer matrix reinforced with fibers.

There are many industrial buildings in corrosive environments such as buildings near the sea, steel mills, smelters, fertilizer plants, aluminum oxidation plants, chemical plants, and aquaculture. If you’ve visited these places, you will never forget that coated colored steel is corroded Appalling sight. Then FRP anti-corrosion building materials from Dongguan MIYABI-FRP Limited came into being as ceiling sheeting materials.

Lighting FRP board has more than 20 years of outstanding performance in the international market. The excellent resistance to aging of FRP wall board has been widely recognized by the construction industry.

MIYABI factory is known as ” Chinese factory with European technology level” by foreign engineers. We devote ourselves to providing a total solution for the corrosion protection of industrial buildings. In order to avoid customer concerns about anti-corrosion GFRP material, we provide “fifteen years quality guarantee”. This is mainly for anti-corrosion FRP ceiling tiles and its supporting aseptic purlin, FRP gutters, flashing fiberglass sheets, FRP blinds, etc.

Corrosion-resistant building fiberglass material properties

1, Anti-corrosion, anti-aging, long service life

The structure of our corrosion resistant fiberglass ceiling tiles is divided into outer layer, structural layer and interior layer. The outer layer is a layer of benzene weathering gel coat, we use it to further protect the substrate of the fibreglass board sheets. Structural layer is composed of the weatherproof grade unsaturated polyester resin, E-glass, LR acid-resistant color system. According to the customer’s interior decoration needs, the interior layer is bright white or beige color weather-resistant resin layer.

2, Performance of sound attenuation and heat insulation

Fiberglass ceiling tiles of MIYABI have good heat insulation performance. Also, its sound attenuation coefficient is 36dB, which exceeded the “Nine Five” bit set construction standards.

3, Fibre reinforced plastic properties of flame retardant

Fiberboard ceiling tiles have good glass reinforced plastic properties of flame retardant, its oxygen index is greater than 30. It meets the national standard flame retardant standard, and has no droplet when burning.

4, High temperature

Under the environment temperature of -40℃-120℃, we can use anti-corrosion fiberglass ceiling tile from MIYABI, and it won’t be deformed decomposition. Fiberglass ceiling tiles are suitable for muggy areas and easy to rust areas where have large temperature difference. Such as aluminum oxidation workshop, steel mills, smelting plants, fertilizer plants, etc.

5, Easy FRP installation

When installing FRP, there is no need to reserve telescopic holes. We just need to drill and fix it, it’s convenient and swift. Below is a picture of FRP antiskid plate.

FRP ceiling tiles

2.”Zero” water leakage records

MIYABI has changed the history of China’s anti-corrosion building materials since its production of fiberglass panels in 1991. For more than 20 years, MIYABI FRP sheets has covered the Japanese market and many domestic provinces in China. More than 30,000 industrial buildings are using industrial panel board from us. More importantly, the record of roof leaking due to FRP aging has so far been zero.

3.A set of solutions

We always provide a set of solutions of reinforced wall design, fiber glass production, FRP installation and after-sales service. Our technical team provides designers and contractors with a holistic approach to anti-corrosion building materials applications. Also, they assist investors in preliminary planning and feasibility analysis of project development. From bidding, FRP design solutions to production of fiberglass and FRP panels installation, we have a comprehensive consideration and mature technology.

FRP ceiling tiles
Mr Wu, who has 12 years experience in FRP industry, is now in charge of FRP construction. As he said:
“As for FRP construction, we should decide to highlight the fiberglass material properties according to environment of fibreglass uses. For example, indoor or outdoor, acid resistant or alkaline resistant, we may choose the best suitable FRP material and additive.”

In recent years, we produce a large number of building FRP materials and use it in the replacement plate repair of old roof color plate, PVC, PC and other synthetic resin. Since PVC plastic tile degradation decomposition temperature is about 70 ℃, it is easy to soften (try it with hot water to know). Like a household plastic bucket, it starts to embrittle after 2-3 years of use. But its price is low, there is no problem to apply to the temporary building. However, it is a “material selection” mistake to use on a permanent industrial building. Therefore, FRP wallboard is the first and professional choice for acid, alkali, salt corrosion roof. It is the best solution for refurbishing old color steel or PVC roofing.

Trusted Partners

We are regarded as a trusted partner by our clients since we started our business in 1991. We have served 687 corperated customers. Everytime they are in face of thorny problems, we are always proactive in offering good solutions. Adjusting machine equipment, using more suitable material, keep improving until they’re satisfied.

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