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Fiberglass Composite

DOFRP is a professional FRP manufacturer in the composite industry. We have been providing composite products since 1991. The material we use is the fiber reinforced plastic. In general, we use polyester resin, epoxy resin or vinyl ester resin as the base material, glass fibers or carbon fibers as the reinforcement material. Of course, others can be chosen according to the composite application. FRP has various applications due to high performance on the mechanical strength, electrical insulation, and other resistances. We manufacture a wide variety of fiber reinforced plastic products for decades. They include fiberglass car bodies, FRP panels, radomes, medical parts, etc. DOFRP has provided a lot of fiberglass composite for many well-known corporations around the world. For example, radomes for Andrew Corporation, fiberglass truck bodies for Hino, FRP shampoo station for Sanyo, MRI coils for Toshiba, etc. Our technical team always provide satisfactory FRP solutions for them.

FRP solutions

Working and Activity

A positive company culture can increase the staff’s perception of affiliation. Also, optimistic employees can better serve our clients. DOFRP always regularly organize diverse activities, gather them together to increase the communication and exchange with each other. Working with composites is a boring thing. But if the tacit understanding among employees is well developed, it can definitely make the composite products manufacturing process smoother.

Fiberglass Supplies

As a leading FRP manufacturer in China, DOFRP devotes itself to fiberglass supplies. The composite materials we adopt include glass fiber reinforced plastics and carbon fiber reinforced plastics. Compared with aluminum, the composite material with carbon fibers can reduce 25% weight, 95% components, and has a lower cost. It can combine parts and forms into simpler parts. Moreover, composite materials with glass fibers can reduce 60% weight, increase the durability and safety.

Our Customers Say

“We have purchased over 150,000 pieces FRP products from Dongguan MIYABI-FRP Limited since 2006. And there is no defective product, no complaint. We regard The MIYABI as Preferred Quality Supplier, they always delivers goods on time. Annually, we organize team meetings with MIYABI, and discuss some FRP issues.”


“The quality requirements of MRI equipment are strict. Before 2012, we always encountered many problems, such as yarn, bubble, impurity, scratch, demolding, etc. However, those problems were solved perfectly by the MIYABI, from whom we have already purchased over 2000 sets of FRP products and received no complaints.”


FRP Process

There is a wide variety of manufacturing process for the reinforced plastic products. For example, the hand lay-up process, filament winding, pultrusion process, vacuum bagged method, etc. In the different process, glass fibers can exist in different forms. Such as fiberglass matting, fiberglass fabric, chopped strand mat, glass filaments, and so on. Also, you can choose different resin to get different FRP properties.
The hand lay up can help produce large and complex shape products, such as boat hull. Impregnating the glass filaments with polyester and vinyl ester resins, and winding them on the core with certain rules. After solidification and mold release, you can get the final product. This is the filament winding process. In addition, the core material is generally aluminum, steel or wood. FRP spray up method is also used for complex shapes fiberglass composites. It uses the chopper gun and sprays the resin system with chopped strand mat or gun roving from the different nozzle.

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